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Expert Webinars


Watch our expert-led webinars to explore the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI), localization, and a variety of other subjects. These webinars provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from the experts and stay informed about cutting-edge developments.

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How to build a Localization Strategy with AI to drive Growth


AI is reshaping how global organizations approach localization and content creation, staying ahead requires innovative strategies and insights. Recognizing this pivotal shift, we're excited to offer you an opportunity to redefine your localization strategy for global growth.


Discover AI's Impact: Understand how AI is transforming localization and what it means for your organization.

Expert Insights: Gain direct access to industry-leading perspectives and strategies from Gabriella Rudström and Annica Heuermann.

Drive Global Growth: Learn how to turn localization into a strategic asset for international expansion.


with Gabriella Rudström
and Annica Heuermann

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Navigating as a Global Marketer in the era of AI


This webinar aims to provide you with valuable insights to navigate and gain a comprehensive understanding of your choices within the dynamic realm of marketing and localization in today's ever-evolving landscape. 


The impact of AI on marketing: How will AI impact our current marketing strategies and campaigns?

Benefits of AI: Can AI enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing efforts?

Faster process: Is it possible to automate the translation process?  

Reducing cost: Can we reduce translation costs through AI?


with Gabriella Rudström
and Martin Modigh Karlsson

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How AI Technology is Changing the Game for Localization


This webinar provides an overview of the latest trends in language technology, specifically how AI technology is affecting the translation process and the localization process.

The impact of AI: We give a broader understanding of how new language technology, such as AI, is impacting SEO efforts and what strategies can be used to optimize multilingual websites for search engines and users.

The challenges of AI: We also discuss the challenges that may arise with technological advancements, such as quality control and security, and how to effectively manage them.


with Gabriella Rudström
and Gabriel Ghavami

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