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Professional localization

Localisation is the adaptation of text regarding a product, website, marketing material, document or other communication. The adaptation is made so that the text meets the requirements of a certain market regarding language and culture.

The term localisation is used to highlight the broader context that must be taken into account when the goal is to achieve high customer engagement and sales results with its marketing activities. This is especially important in a global marketing department where you are responsible for, for example, web content and global marketing campaigns.

At Comactiva, we always also locate according to the desired target group and industry. To help us, we have term databases and translation memories, which are technologies that help us ensure that your brand is perceived in the same way in all your markets.

The importance of making recipients feel for the brand, product or service and that communication speaks directly to them, in their own language – is essential.

Long-term cooperation with a language partner that offers localisation services and professional translations ensures that localisation is done correctly and that the desired results are achieved.

Localization as part of your marketing strategy

Localiszation services can look different depending on the brand, product or service you want to reach out with.

At Comactiva, we help companies localize, that is, create culture and target group-adapted content for a global market.


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We have professional translators in the markets you want to sell in. Our translators are used to translating web content, product information, press releases, reports and more, and we always ensure that the translators working on your content have experience from your industry.

Localization services for a global marketing department

By prioritising localization right from the start, it will be easier to achieve the goals you have with your marketing and communications.

Often they struggle with translations and localization of content for each market as a final part of the campaign work.

The most important thing is not to see translation and localization as an activity that you do "late" or as a final step in the process, then you miss the real value of localization where cultural and target-group adaptation make all the difference.


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Three benefits of localization in global marketing

Localization promotes growth

With localization services, you can strengthen your brand in local markets. Adapting marketing material to culture and target group increases confidence in your products or services. Localized marketing strategies allow brands to establish themselves in new markets faster.

Provides stronger customer relationships

Localized content creates stronger, longer-term relationships with users and consumers. When your buyers feel that you as a company respect the local culture, engagement among new and existing customers increases.

More profit

Content localization adds value to the investments you're already making in marketing and translations. You work more cost-effectively and increase sales potential.

If you work the right way, localization can truly become an organic growth strategy. At Comactiva we are happy to help. Contact us for more information about our language & localization services.


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