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Privacy policy

Collection and handling of personal data:

Personal data policy:

  • We handle names, e-mail addresses and company phone numbers in accordance with the GDPR.

Employee data policy:

  • Data relating to employees are handled internally at Comactiva only, and only with the explicit consent of the person in question.

Policy and procedure in the event om infringement:

  • The Personal Data Manager records all incidents, informs the affected parties and deals with complaints.

Policy for updating and removing data:

  • The Personal Data Manager deals with all data updates.

Policy for questions relating to personal data:

  • Questions are referred to the Personal Data Manager, who deals with them in accordance with the GDPR.

Policy for deletion requests:

  • The Personal Data Manager is responsible for deleting all data about individuals in our systems within a 72 hour time frame. Contact if you want to be deleted from our systems. 

Policy for dealing with personal data online for employees who have left the organisation:

  • The Personal Data Manager or Assistant Personal Data Manager deletes the data.


  • All employees have to delete lists containing personal data from their computer/phone and systems.

  • We apply a cookie policy whereby visitors must accept cookies.

  • We use Google tools to continuously improve our user experience, and to stay relevant to our visitors.

This Privacy Policy was updated on 4 april 2022.