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About Comactiva



Quality & Service since 1996

Business concept

Comactiva is a premium supplier of culturally localised translations and flexible holistic solutions. Our customers are companies and organisations that demand high standards in their global communication. We aim to play an important role in increasing their productivity and efficiency.


Comactiva aims to be the market’s preferred choice for premium translations and flexible holistic solutions in global communication. Through quality and personal service, we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We work locally – but our market is global


In Comactiva, you have a flexible language partner that is receptive to the needs and circumstances of your organisation. To do justice to a good source text, we are convinced that translating in the country where the target language is spoken is a significant benefit. With the local culture in their DNA and a modern, fully up-to-date feel for their mother tongue, the translator has the best possible foundation to convey your message in the best way. It is this conviction that forms the basis of our philosophy and business concept.



More than 25 years of language services 

We are a close-knit team with different areas of expertise, but all with a passion for languages and professional service. Thanks to an extensive network of professional translators and proofreaders, we can offer high-quality translations for a wide range of different industries, from and into most of the world’s business languages.

Over the years, we have amassed broad experience that creates added value for any company that operates internationally. Dealing with a lot of languages is an expensive and time-consuming process. What we do is free up time and resources for you, and make sure everything is well-coordinated. You create the source material, and we adapt it to your international markets. Our expertise, the best translators and the latest technology mean that we can help to boost your competitiveness, strengthen your brand and increase your bottom line.

Where you want – when you want

New markets mean new material – material that not only needs translating, but also adapting to local cultures and conditions. As the number of languages increases, so too does the need for a partner that can deal with all this material systematically. Keeping all your language services with us brings all kinds of benefits. We have the expertise and systems to look after your communication. Everything we translate maintains a consistent tonality, and is saved in our archives and translation memories for your future needs. We always choose the most appropriate translators, who get to know your terminology and tonality using term bases and translation memories. Added to this is personal contact with our knowledgeable project managers and our high level of service – invaluable in a long-term collaboration. We know this from experience!


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