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Comactiva Series


Meet the Expert


Discover the experts behind Comactiva and gain invaluable insights into the world of localization. Each month, we introduce a new team member who shares their expertise on diverse topics, all centered around the core theme of localization.

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Localization and Customer Experience with Annica Heuermann


Why is localization a key part of the customer experience? Meet the expert Annica Heuermann as she shares her insights on how to create a successful customer experience on global markets.

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What is Localization with Gabriella Rudström


Meet the expert Gabriella Rudström as she explains localization and shares her best tips and tricks with the help of her vast experience in the language field.

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Hi Gabriel! My name is Simon and I work at Comactiva Language Partner. You were interviewed at the latest SlatorCon by my colleauges Annica Heuermann and Linda Gårdlöv. I wanted to check if it is

Multi-Language Marketing with Sofia Johansson


Meet the expert Sofia Johansson as she shares her insights on how to work with advertising, social media and more on a global scale.

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