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In the commercial arena, translations and messages have to be adapted to the reader in order to grab their attention and increase willingness to buy. The slightest linguistic or cultural distancing can lead to the message being consciously or unconsciously disregarded in the constant buzz of information. 

A sales campaign, press release or product offering can rarely be translated word for word and achieve the same results on different markets.

Comactiva carefully selects translators who work with commercial texts and are experts in interpreting the essence of a message, and putting it into words that feel natural to the reader in the target-language country. Doing this requires knowledge, creativity and an understanding of the culture that only comes from living there. 

The result is new life for your commercial communications on new markets, helping your brand on its way to achieving great things internationally.

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Can we use the Sales Manager’s title on the international market? Can we use our new brand name on other markets?

Translation is about so much more than just translating texts word for word. Perhaps you need help finding out whether a product name works well on other markets. Engage your language partner early on in the process, and you’ll avoid costly investment mistakes.



Language checking 

Most companies produce content in-house, which is only logical as that’s where most of the specialist expertise is. It could be presentation material, newsletters, blog posts or some other important communication. Even where your in-house personnel have language skills, it is a good idea to have a language partner check the text and any translations, for peace of mind and to further boost your brand.


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