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Translation to regulations


Legal documents, financial steering documents, medical and technical manuals. There are many kinds of texts that require precise, accurate translation of the source text, without changing the content more than absolutely necessary.

The translators we use for these texts are hand picked for their expertise in the field, and for their experience of living and working in the target-language country. 

After all, not only must the translation be in line with national regulations, it must also reflect daily life for the people who live there. When your communication is firmly founded in an understanding of the healthcare system, working culture or business traditions in the reader’s home country, you build trust and confidence in your brand.

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What should the job title be on the Head of Sales’ business card? Can we use this company or product name on the international market? Translation is about so much more than just translating texts. At times, you might need help checking that a product name works in Spain, in which case we can help you with research and thus avoid costly investment mistakes.



Language checking 

Many companies have in-house expertise for writing newsletters, speeches and presentations in Swedish, English and other languages. But to make sure the text achieves full impact, Comactiva can have the text checked by a professional. This external check can reveal any errors and prompt comments that raise the quality of the text, ensuring peace of mind and strengthening your company’s brand.  


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