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Ad translation – optimally expressed in each language

Advertising and marketing often call for adaption rather than straightforward translation. If you work in advertising and marketing, we want to help you make sure that your campaigns succeed on more markets.  Paying a little extra attention to how your advertising is translated is the way to achieve this.

Advertising is often different in different countries. To reach people with a different linguistic and cultural background, companies and brands need to express themselves differently on each market – from the basic concept, to the kind of text and images used.

Generally speaking, a lot is invested in the concept, tactics and execution of a marketing campaign. To maximise the return on this investment, a well-formulated text deserves a skilful translation to ensure the target group responds and reacts in the desired way.


Ad translation and transcreation

Comactiva Language Partner has local translators with long experience of translating advertising and marketing, in a wide range of sectors. We are often involved in the creative process too, and work with the client and local translators to provide a ‘transcreation’. 

Bringing together translation and creation, transcreation gives the translator more freedom to write the best and most relatable text possible for the target group in question. It is the perfect approach when a text needs to convey the same strong message in different languages.

Ad translation or transcreation is often about adapting the foreign-language text to the cultural and linguistic conditions of a particular country. The message stays the same, but the content might be modified slightly to suit the target market.

The result is something quite beyond what a straightforward translation can provide. A transcreation of ad material makes a true impact and brings business benefit, making it feel like a genuine, vibrant text and provokes desire on the target market.

We have long experience in helping marketing and communication departments with copy-adapted ad translations, and we work with both print and digital media. If required we can also provide further copy adaptation, whereby another writer reads through the final transcreation with fresh eyes and refines the text as necessary. This final stage makes sure that any sections which may sound translated are ironed out.

You may already have an ad text in a foreign language, in which case Comactiva can help you with proofreading and language review considering the target group and local culture.

Your language partner in ad translation

Our ad translation service aims to make the linguistic aspects of selling on multiple markets easier. When it comes to ad translation, you and we both have a job to do: your job is to make your customers an offer they don’t want to miss out on; our job is to make sure they truly understand the message you want to convey.

We offer ad translation from and into all the world’s major business languages. Read more about our other language services here. 


Customer cases


Relevans is the advertising agency that simplifies the Life Science sector. Comactiva is the translation agency that simplifies the client’s working day. A match made in heaven!



“Comactiva deal with a lot of jobs for us simultaneously. They manage all the projects professionally, they’re service minded, they follow up on jobs, and they confirm and stick to deadlines. It feels as though they’re up to date with the progress and advantages of technology. Quite simply, it feels like they genuinely care about delivering the best possible results.”


Boel Rosendahl | Production Manager, Relevans Communication Agency

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Can we use the Sales Manager’s title on the international market? Can we use this product name abroad?

Translation is about so much more than translating texts word for word. Perhaps you need help finding out whether a product name works equally well on other markets. Contact your language partner early on in the process, and you’ll avoid costly investment mistakes.

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Language Review

Most companies produce content in-house, which is only logical as that’s where most of the specialist expertise is. It could be presentation material, newsletters, blog posts or some other important communication.

Even where your in-house personnel have language skills, it is a good idea to have your language partner check the text and any translations, for peace of mind and to further boost your brand.  

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