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Coherent communication in 11 different markets

Tranter is an American based global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers and an aftermarket service provider for the plate heat exchanger industry.​

Our partnership with Tranter includes translations for 11 different markets. ​ 
Comactiva assist Tranter with translations of creative texts, press releases and marketing materials, as well as 1:1 translations, such as technical manuals.

When translating large manuals for multiple markets, it’s crucial that the translation closely resembles the source text, and that the correct technical terms are being used.  

We have carefully selected translators with industry expertise who are familiar with the terminology, while also maintaining a close collaboration with the client to capture the company’s tonality.​​

Centralising the translation work ensures uniformity in manuals across all languages, and publication can occur simultaneously for all markets. With the help of our language tools, it is easy to reuse previously translated text and update the manuals in case of any future adjustments. 

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"Working in a global market with customized regional needs are always hard to balance. We have been working with Comactiva for almost four  years now and their speed, quality and flexibility have been a huge support and simplified the production process for both our marketing and technical product material "​ 


Madeleine Sestan Bach | Global Marketing Manager, Tranter


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