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Skräddarsydd service i samarbetet med Eton

Customised service in association with Eton


Craftsmanship, quality and service: three words that unite shirt-makers Eton and Comactiva. Together we have developed a smoothly functioning working relationship based on knowledge, mutual commitment and a firm focus on results.

When we began the process that ultimately led to a partnership with Eton in 2019, it was based on a common set of values founded on craftsmanship, quality and service. Eton’s new copywriter had worked with us previously, and recommended us to her new employer.

Straight away Comactiva asked its hand-picked Eton translator to start working on the 2019 Christmas campaign. This has since been followed by all kinds of campaign material, newsletters and product descriptions for the ever-growing range.

Eton are experts at giving their customers added value – particularly in digital channels and in printed matter, where they talk about everything from how the fabrics are chosen to how the shirts are designed and given their unique Eton touch.

This entails a language packed with specialist terms that call for in-depth knowledge of the subject. As well as mastering the terminology and conveying the right tone, Comactiva’s translators also transfer the exclusive Eton feel to the new languages – whether it’s a luxury campaign, an informative newsletter or a product description.

'We have a complex product and want our translators to understand the product and our brand. We are genuinely delighted with Comactiva’s professionalism and flexibility. 


Therese Suomäki | Ecommerce Site Manager, Eton

Personal dialogue

Therese Suomäki, Online Site Manager at Eton, stresses how important it is for the company to use the same translators in the long term, and also to have the same project manager.

Gabriella Rudström, Production Manager at Comactiva and account manager for Eton since the beginning, is also delighted with the smoothly functioning working relationship.

“We’ve always enjoyed an open, honest dialogue with Eton. They make sure to tell us about the tone of language, target group and other key aspects ahead of every large job. They take care to ensure the translators are fully on board, and brief us using meetings and webinars, for example, which we certainly appreciate,” she says.

Valuable dedication

Gabriella is always the last to sign off on a delivery, to make sure everything is done and that any questions and comments have been dealt with. This helps to ensure that the craftsmanship, quality and service that are the hallmarks of Eton and Comactiva are all in place.

“That’s what was so special about Comactiva when we were choosing a new translation agency,” says Therese. “For them it’s a matter of principle only to deliver an optimum result. Comactiva take their job incredibly seriously, and that’s of huge value to us.”

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