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When product names need to be reviewed for new markets

Before launching a new brand or product, it's essential to ensure that the name is suitable and appropriate for the local market where it will be used. Are there any linguistic difficulties in terms of pronunciation for the name?

Things to consider include whether the name evokes any negative associations, has any inappropriate meanings in the local language, or if there are already existing brands in the markets with similar names.

Essen International is a branding and design agency founded in 1984 with offices in Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, and Stockholm. They develop and manage brands for ambitious companies, offering tailored solutions to their clients for brand strategy, design, content, technology, and legal matters.

Comactiva acts as a language consultant, assisting Essen International and their end clients in linguistically verifying brand and product names in various markets. The linguistic evaluation is a step in the lengthy process of establishing new brands.



"We have a longstanding collaboration with Comactiva. Their high level of professionalism and proactivity are of great assistance in our naming projects. They have an understanding of the precision required to successfully develop a name and always deliver on time."


Johanna Kan | Business Director, Essen International.

What does the process look like?

Essen provides Comactiva with a list of brand and product names, which is then distributed to suppliers in respective countries for evaluation. This can range from as few as three names to up to 100, to be checked in up to 20 languages.

Comactiva's requirement is that translators and linguists evaluating the suggestions reside and work in the country where the brand names will be used, and have the respective language as their native tongue.

The translator or linguist locally investigates if there are potentially competing brand and product names and assesses the names' lexical meanings and any pronunciation difficulties.

They then send their evaluations back to Comactiva's project manager, who compiles all the assessments and sends them back to Essen.

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