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Minnet sätts på prov hos Nordic Water

Making memories with Nordic Water


Having large amounts of documentation calls for structured working methods to keep everything manageable. With meticulous translation memory management and a systematic approach, Comactiva keeps the texts consistent and the language up to date!

Sustainability, an ecocycle mindset and handling large volumes are all part of normal business for Nordic Water Products AB. They have been developing water treatment systems for more than 50 years, and their technology is used to treat huge amounts of drinking water, waste water and water for industrial use, every day, all over the world. Their sophisticated technical products have to be used correctly, and this requires comprehensive user manuals and product information, in many different languages.

This is where Comactiva’s finely tuned processes for translation memory management come into their own. With translation memories, large amounts of text can be reused from one product to the next, saving the client both time and money in the translation process. With the right care and maintenance, translation memories help to ensure that the information remains consistent and reliable, and that the same terminology is used over time.

'When we decided to work with Comactiva a year ago, it was because we could see they were a company that cares about its customers and about quality. And nearly a year down the line, things have been going really well. Their in-house process for translation checking is very good, and we feel comfortable with their translation memory and term base management. All in all, working with Comactiva has minimised our own work input for translations, as it’s very much a self-propelling process.'

Ulrika Winge | Produktionsledare, Nordic Water

Labour-saving processes

“To keep our translation memories and term bases in top condition, we’ve added two extra stages to our working process,” says Gabriella Rudström, Production Manager at Comactiva and account manager for Nordic Water. “Once the translation is done, I send the client a file showing both languages, so they can easily add comments and make changes. Then the text goes back to the translator, who makes sure the client’s specific translation memory is updated with those changes. The translator also adds the updated terms into the term base, to ensure the same term is used in future jobs. After that, the finalised text is delivered to the client.”

Ulrika Winge, Production Manager at Nordic Water, is delighted with the way working with Comactiva has benefited the company and Gabriella too is pleased with how things have developed.

“I think of Nordic Water as the ideal client. They’re structured and always stick to the same process every time they order a job, which makes them very easy to work with. We’ve also had the same contact person on either side since the beginning, so we know how the other company likes to do things.”

It is this very combination of good translation memory management and dedicated, personal service which makes it possible to adapt the finished product precisely to the client’s wishes and requirements. It’s all about the memory – whether it’s digital or personal.

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Gabriella Rudström


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