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Översättningar med Relevans

Relevance for Relevans


Relevans is the advertising agency that simplifies the Life Science sector. Comactiva is the translation agency that simplifies the client’s working day. A match made in heaven!

Life Science focuses on something that’s fundamental to life: human health. Researchers, companies and organisations around the world are constantly busy making new discoveries in the field, leaving an extensive trail of documentation – and it is here that advertising agency Relevans operates. They have made it their business to take the most complex of subjects, and make them easy to grasp and understand. And needless to say, that vision has to be maintained also in translation. A good source text is the key to good translations, and the writers at Relevans have truly refined their art.

For Comactiva’s translators in the field of Life Science, it’s important to quickly be able to familiarise themselves with the subject they’re translating, and to place it in a relevant context. However, it’s equally important that they can then liberate themselves from the original text, and create a translation that’s relevant to the readers in the target language country.

'Comactiva deal with a lot of jobs for us simultaneously. They manage all the projects professionally, they’re service minded, they follow up on jobs, and they confirm and stick to deadlines. It feels as though they’re up to date with the progress and advantages of technology. Quite simply, it feels like they genuinely care about delivering the best possible results.'

Boel Rosendahl | Produktionsledare, Relevans

The cutting edge of language and technology

Products and services related to people’s health are subject to all kinds of laws and regulations, which vary depending on the country. Culture, religion and society also influence views on health and well-being. These are all aspects the translator must be aware of and consider while translating the text – otherwise a message that’s clear and simple in one country could be completely incomprehensible to a reader in another. Even over quite short geographical distances, such as between the different Nordic countries, the differences can be quite striking, and the translator has to be there and know what works and what doesn’t. For these very reasons, Comactiva has chosen to work exclusively with translators who live in the country where the target language is spoken – and this has several benefits for our clients too.

For Boel Rosendahl, Account Executive at Relevans, it is absolutely crucial that the translators are up to date – not only with the terminology and regulations surrounding different subjects, but also with the language in general, and how it develops nuances in everyday usage. This is something that’s easy for a translator living abroad to lose. Boel is delighted that Comactiva has all these fronts covered, and is also pleased with the production rate, quality, and above all the good customer service.

The sky's the limit

Linda Müller, Project Manager at Comactiva, has been the account manager for Relevans for many years, and has seen all kinds of assignments come and go.

“It’s great to be helping Relevans with their many and varied jobs, from product presentations and patient brochures to training videos and recipe collections. Life Science is a broad and exciting field, and we have a lot to offer companies in this sector. I look forward to developing our collaboration even more with new services and ways of working together.”

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Linda Müller


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