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Undertextning för Iggesund

Subtitling for Iggesund


Iggesund Paperboard, part of Holmen Group, develops and markets premium paperboard for exclusive packaging, and is represented on markets worldwide. Comactiva has been working with Iggesund for many years, but 2019 was the first time the company ordered transcription, time coding, translation and subtitling of graphics for a number of videos. The languages needed were French and Russian.

”We made the videos as an interesting way to show the benefits of Iggesund's premium paperboard Invercote over other materials. They focus on different aspects, from sustainability to strength, and are shown at our stands at various events, for example.”

Gustav Vidlund | Acting Marketing Manager, Iggesund

Consistency and quality

To produce high-quality subtitles, Comactiva’s translators and subtitlers work in specific software for video editing and subtitling. The software provides an overview and full control of how much text fits into a certain number of frames. The subtitles have to blend in naturally with the film and should be nice and easy to read. This not only calls for perfect text editing; the language in the translation also has to harmonise with the client’s specific terminology and tone of voice.

“We have opted to keep all our translations with one supplier, as it’s important to us that the language and specific terms are translated consistently,” says Gustav Vidlund. “So it was only natural to see if Comactiva could deliver subtitling as well.”

Fast, flexible deliveries

The finished subtitles are delivered to the client based on their wishes and requirements, either burnt directly into the video or delivered as a separate .srt file – one of two standard formats for subtitles, used for instance when uploading videos on YouTube.

“Working with Comactiva, we have developed a model that allows us to submit source material and have it delivered back, simply and efficiently. Translations and subtitling are delivered quickly, and with high quality. I would absolutely recommend Comactiva for this service,” Gustav Vidlund concludes.

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