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Lyckat samarbete med Nordnet Bank AB


Successful collaboration with Nordnet Bank AB


Comactiva was asked by Nordnet Bank AB to provide translations for a project, with excellent results. Nordnet is a digital bank for savings and investments, operating in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The source material was a copy platform: guidelines on how copywriters within the company should work with the Nordnet brand from a language perspective.

The platform was already in English and Swedish, and was now needed for the Norwegian, Finnish and Danish markets. According to the project leads at Nordnet, Ulrica Ingström and Per Allert, it was important to use translators who were comfortable with both copywriting and financial language, to ensure the right nuances.

Nordnet chose Comactiva Language Partner. Not only did they have translators with the right areas of expertise, but they could also offer a dedicated project manager.

This person oversaw the entire process and could quickly answer any questions, convey feedback to the translators, and also update the texts once Nordnet’s local representatives had gone through them.

“We’re always happy to get this kind of project, which suits us perfectly. When the client emphasises how important the language is from the word go, we know they’re our kind of customer.

Having a close, mutually receptive working relationship gives us the best foundation to deliver translations of the highest linguistic quality. This is something we’ve had with Nordnet from the very beginning – and it’s clearly noticeable in the end results,” says Anna Bjureblad, Production Manager at Comactiva.

”We are delighted with all the help Comactiva has given us.”

Per Allert | Nordnet

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