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Complex translation

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Precision for complex translations

There are communications that require precision and human expertise in the translation process.

Specialist knowledge and experience combined with industry knowledge and fingertip sense are still powerful and value-creating for a lot of companies and industries.

We offer a global network of language experts operating in the country where the translation is to be used. All our language experts have the language as their mother tongue.

Complex translation when? | Comactiva

When is it best to use complex translation?


We always recommend it for very complex content in areas such as research, healthcare or scientific studies. 

Human specialist knowledge and experience are pivotal to avoid the risk of AI misinterpretations. 

Language experts in local markets


With more than 200 language experts operating worldwide reviewing, adapting and translating into more than 150 business languages, we offer specialist knowledge in most industries and niches. 

We always match your needs with the right expert and the collaborations are often long-term to consistently deliver the same high quality.

Language experts in your market | Comactiva

Linda Muller | Comactiva



Active in the country and with the language as mother tongue


All our language experts live and work in the country whose language they translate into. They always have that language as their mother tongue, which ensures that the translations are not only grammatically correct, but also capture the nuances and cultural contexts that are essential for a credible and vibrant translation.


Industry knowledge provides peace of mind


For each translation project, the language experts are carefully selected for their experience and specialist knowledge in specific areas.

This combination of industry-specific knowledge and linguistic proficiency allows us to deliver translations that are not only linguistically accurate, but also accurately reflect industry terminology, jargon and context.


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Senior Project Management


Our senior project managers have extensive experience in the translation industry and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of complex translation projects. They ensure that all aspects of the translation process are handled smoothly and professionally.

The project manager plays a crucial role in coordinating teams of translators, proofreaders and technical experts, while acting as the primary point of contact for you as a client.

They are skilled at identifying and allocating the right resources for each unique project, ensuring that each team member works in line with project goals and deadlines.

Anna Bjureblad | Project Management | Comactiva

Termdatabas och Översättningsminne | Comactiva


Term Database and Translation Memory


The use of term databases and translation memories plays a crucial role in ensuring the highest possible quality.

Term databases are specialized databases containing specific, industry-related terms and their translations. These databases are used to ensure consistent use of correct and standardized terminology throughout the translation process. This is especially important in technical, medical or legal documents where precision in terminology is crucial.

Translation memories, on the other hand, are a type of database that stores previously translated segments of text. This technology helps maintain consistency across multiple projects and reduces the time and cost of translation, while maintaining a high level of quality. Each time a similar phrase or segment appears in a new text, the translator can reference the translation memory to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Always double proof-readings for complex translations


For complex translations, we attach great importance to accuracy and high quality. To achieve this, we always double proofread in every translation project.

This process ensures that complex texts are not only translated correctly, but also undergo a comprehensive quality control.

Double proofs for complex translations

What do the customers think?

Namnlös design (72)

"We have a longstanding collaboration with Comactiva. Their high level of professionalism and proactivity are of great assistance in our naming projects. They have an understanding of the precision required to successfully develop a name and always deliver on time."


Johanna Kan
Business Director

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"Working in a global market with customized regional needs are always hard to balance. We have been working with Comactiva for almost four  years now and their speed, quality and flexibility have been a huge support and simplified the production process for both our marketing and technical product material "​ 


Madeleine Sestan Bach
Global Marketing Manager






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“Incredibly service-minded, thorough, and fast. ​The collaboration with you has truly added value beyond professional translations!”​ 


My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communicator






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