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In a globalised world, many Swedish companies have local offices in different countries. There are also many companies in Sweden with parent companies abroad. So there is a clear need for financial translations in companies where not all stakeholders speak Swedish. 

Comactiva Language Partner has many year’s experience of financial translation from Swedish into English and all the world’s business languages. We can provide financial translation of annual reports, interim/quarterly reports, market and risk analyses, prospectuses for new share issues and IPOs/initial public offerings, and more.{

In financial translation, there is no margin for error. It is critical that the entire translation process is managed reliably and efficiently. At Comactiva, all financial translations are provided by professional translators who are familiar with economics and financial terms. Moreover, we always try to match your translation needs to a translator that has previously done translations for your industry – and this is particularly important when it comes to financial texts in your annual report, for example.


Translation in finance

Decimal points and thousand separators are crucial when it comes to stating figures in financial translations. Depending on the target language, ‘one thousand’ can for instance be written in various ways: 1000, 1.000, 1 000, 1,000 or even 1’. 

High numbers like billions also vary widely when written out, depending on the language. One billion (1,000,000,000) for instance is written ‘en miljard’ in Swedish, but ‘mil millones’ (or a thousand million) in Spanish. 

As well as accurately translating the financial text, the translator also has to interpret and understand the context in which the figures appear. 

A professional translator at Comactiva always lives and works in the country where the financial translation will be published or communicated, which means they are closely familiar with the language and culture. This is important, as it means that the financial translations will retain the relevant nuances from the original information also in the foreign languages.

Translate annual report

Annual reports, year-end reports/annual accounts, shareholder reports, interim/quarterly reports, analyses and forecasts are some of the financial translations we provide. 

February to April is the peak season for financial translations, as this is when many companies publish their annual report. The annual report is often published in English and other languages relevant to the company or group. Financial texts are also published at other times of year, such as interim/quarterly reports, analyses and financial forecasts.

At Comactiva, we have long experience of comprehensive, complex projects, and we are used to working under the confidentiality required when translating financial reports


Customer cases

Nordnet Bank AB

Comactiva was asked by Nordnet Bank AB to provide translations for a project, with excellent results. Nordnet is a digital bank for savings and investments, operating in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.


Nordnet logo


"We’re delighted with all the help Comactiva have given us.”

Per Allert | Nordnet

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Common questions about financial tranalsation

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Translation is about so much more than translating texts word for word. Perhaps you need help finding out whether a product name works equally well on other markets. Contact your language partner early on in the process, and you’ll avoid costly investment mistakes.



Language Review

Most companies produce content in-house, which is only logical as that’s where most of the specialist expertise is. It could be presentation material, newsletters, blog posts or some other important communication. Even where your in-house personnel have language skills, it is a good idea to have your language partner check the text and any translations, for peace of mind and to further boost your brand. 


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