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Translations for the culture & entertainment industry

To translate everything from cookbooks, film synopses to museum materials requires accustomed to terminology, specialist knowledge and the ability to take out the turns while maintaining tonality. The high quality of translation can be critical to the success of the project.


At Comactiva we have a large network of translators. Our translators have expert knowledge in various topics within the cultural & entertainment industry and live and operate in the country where the current market is located.


This enables us to deliver high-quality translations where the content is adapted to the target group while maintaining the integrity of the work.

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Professional translations for the cultural & entertainment industry


Comactiva has many years of experience in translation projects for culture & entertainment. Our network has knowledgeable translators with deep knowledge of both language and market. All our translators live in the country where the relevant language is spoken and they only translate into their native language. 

In order for texts to be consistent and to reduce your translation costs in the longer term, we use tools such as translation memories and term databases where your customer-specific information is stored for you for upcoming assignments.

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The challenges of translating for the culture & entertainment industry


Book projects are often extensive and require tight dialogue between publishers, authors and translators. The translator must be able to relate freely to the source text while maintaining the tonality of the text.


Niche projects require expert knowledge and solid research. Cookbooks need localisation, dimensions adapted and sometimes ingredients may need to be replaced with local variants. Common to translation of books and film synopses is that they are both often very time-critical projects.

Museum materials require accustomed to the terminology, in-depth research and creative ability in order for the visitor to feel the march of history or to enter a new world. 

Translation projects in the cultural & entertainment industry

Book productions such as cookbooks, short story collections, commemorative books for companies, books on culture and visitation destinations, and craft books for children

Summaries of new and old films for different channels

Subtitling for pilot episode

Legal documents on, for example, rental and single assignments
Museum materials such as exhibition texts, exhibition sheets, scripts for audio guides, subtitles to motion assets on screens

Market Materials for Dance Companies

Internal documents such as policies


Översättningsprojekt inom kultur- & nöjesbranschen

Bokproduktioner som kokböcker, novellsamlingar, jubileumsböcker för företag, böcker om kultur och besöksmål och pysselböcker för barn

Sammanfattningar av nya och gamla filmer för olika kanaler

Undertextning för pilotavsnitt

Juridiska dokument om exempelvis uthyrning och enstaka uppdrag

Museimaterial som utställningstexter, utställningsblad, manus till audioguider, undertextningar till rörligt material på skärmar

Marknadsmaterial för danskompanier

Interna dokument som exempelvis policyer


This is how the quality-assured translation process works

1. You will send us material with clear specification on target group, company tonality, timetable and possibly other requests.  


2. We analyse the material and look for possible matches in translation memories and term databases and determine the volume and based on that send a price estimate. 


3. We match your requirement position with translators who have the right industry experience and expertise.

4. Since we have high quality requirements, we always offer extra proofing. We use both modern language technology and human proofreaders. 


5. If you need relief, our project managers can coordinate the collection of feedback from your local markets. 


6. Your dedicated project manager delivers a quality-assured translation project to you and your department.


Translations are always delivered in the same format as the original files.