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Correct translations in health & patient communication


Translating texts aimed at patients in healthcare is challenging. It can't be wrong.

In addition to the importance of having the right knowledge and an understanding of the terminology as a translator, the ability to explain medical concepts in a correct and easy-to-understand manner is also required. Comactiva's translators can. 

Far from all translators are able to tackle a text with medical terms and the demands are high because an incorrectly translated text can have serious consequences. An incorrect translation can affect a company's credibility, but above all people's health.

Hälsa & Patientkommunikation

Professional translations for Health & Patient Communication


Comactiva has many years of experience in translation projects within Health & Patient Communication. In our network, there are skilled translators who are used to medical concepts and deep knowledge of both language and market. All our translators live in the country where the relevant language is spoken and they only translate into their native language. 

To ensure correct terminology and the right tone of voice, we maintain a close dialogue with you. We also use tools such as translation memories and term databases to make the texts consistent and to reduce your translation costs in the long term. 


The challenges of translating in Health & Patient Communication


The main challenge in the field of Health & Patient Communication is finding the right translator. This requires a translator who is knowledgeable in the subject area and with a certain amount of pedagogy. The translator must convey the right "tone of voice" and localise the content to the target group and market. 

The content within Health & Patient Communication is regulated by strict legislation and the customer has the ultimate legal responsibility. Therefore, close cooperation between our translator and your company is required to ensure that all references to laws are in place and that the legal parts are correct. 

Translation project for Health & Patient Communication


Treatment information, brochures and product sheets

Patient information for web



Translation project for Health & Patient Communication


Treatment information, brochures and product sheets

Patient information for web



How the quality-assured translation process works

1. You will send us material with clear specification on target group, company tonality, timetable and possibly other requests.  


2. We analyse the material and look for possible matches in translation memories and term databases and determine the volume and based on that send a price estimate. 


3. We match your requirement position with translators who have the right industry experience and expertise.

4. Since we have high quality requirements, we always offer extra proofing. We use both modern language technology and human proofreaders. 


5. If you need relief, our project managers can coordinate the collection of feedback from your local markets. 


6. Your dedicated project manager delivers a quality-assured translation project to you and your department.


Translations are always delivered in the same format as the original files.