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Create modern solutions for global communication


Establish cost-effective processes with modern language technology. Complete solutions with workflows tailored to your business. Let our localization experts take care of language quality and coordination.

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Trusted by global companies around the world

Global success through effective translation and localization

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Three steps that create long-term value



Conduct a process audit, set KPIs and plan the next steps.

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  Thorough audit

  Analyze KPIs

  Process audit

  Plan the next steps



Implement the strategy and get a thorough onboarding.

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  Integrate platforms

  Create workflows





Curation of language tech and access to expert assistance.

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  Feedback loops

  Curate language tech

  Network of language experts

  Access to expert assistance




Careful analysis of your localization needs and goals. This includes identifying and setting appropriate KPIs to measure success and conducting a thorough review of your current process.

Through this in-depth understanding, together we can map out the exact steps forward to create an effective localization strategy that suits your business.



Implement the strategy developed during the previous phase. Set up integrations and tools. Comprehensive onboarding and training to ensure a smooth transition to the new strategy.

Through this step, we take concrete steps to maximize the efficiency and quality of your localization process.




Ensure continued value from the localization process. Continued monitoring and feedback to identify and resolve any issues and curation of language technology to improve quality.

We aim to maintain and improve performance over time, ensuring long-term value for your business.

Customer quote

Very happy with the quality and great service! We have been told by our market coordinators that the validation tool is easy to use!

Rebecca Swahn
Hultafors Group

Localization as a strategic asset


language combinations



Combining human expertise with automated systems ensures both linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance in the localization process. The result is a localization process that is both efficient and qualitative.


faster expansion



An effective localization strategy gives you a competitive advantage by enabling earlier market entry, giving you a chance to capture potential demand and establish yourself as a leading player in local markets.


platform integrations


Workflows & Integrations

Build automated workflows using integrations and AI technology to localize your content into multiple languages simultaneously. This does not only save time, but also ensures consistent, high-quality communication across all markets.

Why Comactiva?

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A modern language partner


Since 1996, we have been helping global companies create coherent and effective communication across the world. Our experience and technical expertise help us build processes for all language needs.

What do the customers say?

We value long-term relationships, transparency, high quality and personalized service.
Stora enso | Logo
We are very pleased with the high level of quality and service! You are a very reliable and appreciated supplier!
Sara Kvarfordh
Communication Manager
Hultafors Group | Logo
Very happy with the quality and great service! We have been told by our market coordinators that the validation tool is easy to use!
Rebecca Swahn
Marketing Production Leader
Dole | Logo
I had a great experience with Comactiva and am very happy with the quality of the delivery!
Dragana Abrasevic
Nordic HR Manager
Holmen Iggesund | Logo
Always great service, good treatment and fast deliveries. I am very satisfied!
Rebecka Almeflo Sjölund
Technical Product Information Manager
Blåkläder | Logo
Great service from Comactiva and very happy with the quality of the translations!
Hanna Tingsvik
Sustainabilty Coordinator
Incredibly service-minded, accurate and fast. Working with you has really added value beyond professional translations!
My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communication

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