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Create modern processes for global communication


Establish cost-effective processes with modern language technology. Complete solutions with customised workflows for your business. Let our localisation experts take care of language quality and coordination.

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Solutions for coherent global communication


Integrated systems

Integrate your systems (CMS, PIM, etc.) with Comactiva's language technology (TMS). Connectors, plug-ins or APIs, we customise a solution that suits you.


An ecosystem

An ecosystem of integrations and automation combined with professional language services for the best language quality.


Company-specific AI - LLM

We build and curate company-specific solutions for AI-based translation and content creation. Embrace the future now.

image-png-Jan-19-2024-12-57-05-9418-PMAre you considering investing in your own TMS?

Partner with us as your language technology provider TMS (translation management system), we help you maximise value and give you access to human language expertise worldwide.

Why Comactiva?

We have a strong commitment to transparency in all aspects of our services. This means open communication on processes, pricing and timeframes, providing full transparency and the ability to make informed decisions.

We have almost 30 years of experience providing high-quality translations for global companies. Whether it's marketing materials, annual reports or subtitles, we ensure high quality through our global network of language experts and modern language technology.

Our customers get a dedicated Customer Success & Localisation Specialist who is responsible for set-up, onboarding, coordination, optimisation and who has linguistic quality responsibility. This frees up time for your employees to focus on what they are hired to do.

A secure ecosystem that can be adapted according to localisation needs, facilitating expansion into new markets and contributing to cost efficiency in existing markets.

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Integrated systems


By integrating your systems (CMS, PIM, etc.) with Comactiva as your primary language service provider, you create secure, cost-effective and time-saving processes.

Automatically send material for translation, follow the process and get the finished material back in the same format or directly in your chosen platform.

An ecosystem for localisation


Together we build a scalable solution based on your company's specific needs. Translation and localisation processes are managed directly in our TMS or in your own.

Take advantage of modern language technologies and integrations to automate the ordering process.

With us at Comactiva, you get a dedicated Customer Success & Localisation Specialist who is responsible for your company-specific translation memories and term databases, reducing costs and ensuring consistency in global communication.

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Company-specific LLM


Future-proof your communication across multiple markets by training your own Large Language Model (LLM).

We help you create the conditions for a company-specific AI that learns your unique way of communicating.


Very happy with the quality and great service! We have got the impression from our market coordinators that the validation tool is easy to use!


Rebecca Swahn
Hultafors group

We always work for the best of our customers

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"We have a longstanding collaboration with Comactiva. Their high level of professionalism and proactivity are of great assistance in our naming projects. They have an understanding of the precision required to successfully develop a name and always deliver on time."


Johanna Kan
Business Director

Essen International | Logo





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"Working in a global market with customized regional needs are always hard to balance. We have been working with Comactiva for almost four  years now and their speed, quality and flexibility have been a huge support and simplified the production process for both our marketing and technical product material "​ 


Madeleine Sestan Bach
Global Marketing Manager






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“Incredibly service-minded, thorough, and fast. ​The collaboration with you has truly added value beyond professional translations!”​ 


My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communicator






A short meeting that delivers big results

Book a meeting with a Localisation expert

Build the perfect solution with our services

Take part of our translation services and other language services such as quality assurance and localisation.

Our localisation experts will guide you to the best overall solution for all your language needs.

We always work with a combination of machines and people to achieve the desired quality and find cost-effective solutions.


Clear translation processes for different types of content


Automate your work with modern language technology


On Demand portal with direct price estimation


Translation memories and term databases


Expertise for every need


Localization Success Manager


Global network of language experts


Modern language services for all kinds of needs


We work with all kinds of materials

Future-proof your translation and localisation workflow

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