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Technological developments put new demands on prices

As a professional language partner with extensive experience in localization and large translation projects, we always recommend the most affordable translation process based on the type of content.

Technology allows for time efficiency, but also for choosing which parts of the process the specialists are responsible for. Choices that in turn affect the price.

Comactiva stands for high quality translations and that is our responsibility. Our language services consist of human expertise supported by modern language technology. 

Automate and integrate AI throughout the translation process and take advantage of our global network of editors for localization and quality assurance.


With us, you always have the opportunity to get:

  • Professional translators or editors who are experts in your field.
  • Professional translators residing in the country where the content is to be used.
  • Translations reviewed by human proofreaders.
  • Implementation and maintenance of a company-specific term database.
  • Translation memory that saves time and money over time and harmonizes tonality and message.
  • A dedicated localization success manager responsible for the entire translation process and quality.



Translation project

Cost-effective translation process for one-off or recurring needs




Delivery time 1-3 working days

The cost of each translation project is determined by quality requirements, delivery time, text length and the type of content to be translated and between which languages.

With us, you will have a dedicated Localization Success Manager who will project manage the translation project from start-up to delivery. 

We always work with modern language technologies that include translation memories, automated workflows and AI translation. We ensure access to language experts in local markets. 

Human expertise is used in the process where it adds the most value, often linked to language and industry expertise. 

Comactiva takes responsibility for ensuring that the quality is in line with your expectations.

Long-term value

Complete solution

Strategic localization and cost-effective translation processes


per month


Measurable values in efficient workflows

Together with you and your team, we review your translation and localization needs.

We work with modern language technologies in workflows that involve human expertise and deliver high-quality communication. 

We offer integrations and automated workflows to impact speed-to-market.

We curate customer-specific term databases and translation memories. 

We optimize and work in measurable processes to continuously improve and develop. 

We offer quarterly reports to motivate language and translation work and to show the actual value. 

Trusted by global companies around the world

Efficient localization as a strategic asset

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Fixed price for translation

How many words have to be translated

Prices for a translation can vary. A translation is priced per word. The word count is calculated based on the text to be translated. Proofreading, subtitling, transcreation and various additional services such as DTP/layout and SEO adaptation are priced per hour.


Which languages to translate

The cost of translation depends on how you choose to have the material translated. Human translation is always more expensive than AI translation, but the total cost can still be similar as AI translation often requires additional services such as post-editing and localization. The biggest benefit of AI translation for localized content is time.

The cost of human translation differs between languages. To take Asia as an example, Japanese translations are more expensive as Japan is a relatively small country with fewer translators and a higher cost of living for those living and working in the country. Translations into Chinese from English are relatively cheap as there are many translators with that language combination in China and the cost of living and working in the country is low.

How specialized the field is

If the text requires advanced knowledge in areas such as medicine or law, the availability of qualified translators or linguists decreases and the price of translation and localization increases.

Variables you can affect

Plan ahead

If you need the translation so quickly that the translator has to work weekends, evenings or has to postpone other assignments in order to keep up, there is an additional charge, an express surcharge for the translation.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid the extra costs in the translation price. Another way to save money by planning ahead is to group several translation jobs together and send them in the same order. Even small translation jobs take time for the project manager to start and time is money. By grouping small, non-urgent jobs together and creating one larger job - you will save money and avoid very small orders becoming unnecessarily expensive.

Ensure all translations are saved

At Comactiva, we provide you with a dedicated translation memory for each language combination. In the translation memory, we collect all the translations we have done for you as a customer. The more translations you order from us, the more likely it is that we will be able to retrieve previous formulations from the translation memory, thus reducing costs for you.

Always send editable files

By delivering the text in a format that does not require any manual intervention from us at Comactiva before translation, you avoid additional costs. A text sent in Word format, for example, can be sent directly to the translator, while text in PDF, for example, requires conversion or extraction into other formats, which is time-consuming and leads to higher costs. It is also important to consider the format of the text. It is virtually impossible to determine how much it would cost to translate a website just by looking at the website itself. The text needs to be exported in a manageable word count format to give you an accurate price.


Common questions about translation prices

What do the customers say?

We value long-term relationships, transparency, high quality and personalized service.
Stora enso | Logo
We are very pleased with the high level of quality and service! You are a very reliable and appreciated supplier!
Sara Kvarfordh
Communication Manager
Hultafors Group | Logo
Very happy with the quality and great service! We have been told by our market coordinators that the validation tool is easy to use!
Rebecca Swahn
Marketing Production Leader
Dole | Logo
I had a great experience with Comactiva and am very happy with the quality of the delivery!
Dragana Abrasevic
Nordic HR Manager
Holmen Iggesund | Logo
Always great service, good treatment and fast deliveries. I am very satisfied!
Rebecka Almeflo Sjölund
Technical Product Information Manager
Blåkläder | Logo
Great service from Comactiva and very happy with the quality of the translations!
Hanna Tingsvik
Sustainabilty Coordinator
Incredibly service-minded, accurate and fast. Working with you has really added value beyond professional translations!
My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communication

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