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Our language services

Language combinations


One translation job | Two languages 

We need the material in a source language that is well-written and quality assured. 

Our professional translators will carry out the translation and our proofreaders will qualify the translation in the target language. 

We translate from Swedish into the Nordic languages and most European languages, and from English into all the world’s major business languages.

As well as the most common, we also translate into Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Turkish and Korean.

Source languages 

  • Swedish
  • English 

Target Languages

  • Swedish

  • English

  • Norwegian 

  • Danish 

  • Finnish  

  • German 

  • French 

  • Spanish


Local translators adapting to local cultures


Comactiva works with a large network of professional translators around the world. We have as a requirement for each translator that the target language is their mother tongue, and that they live and work in the target-language country. This is the very foundation of Comactiva’s promise to you, the client. Delivering high quality is the most important thing for us. 

To meet your expectations on translated texts, the translators need to consider cultural aspects and local trends, and have a good understanding of the market and demographic where the text will be read. 

Contact us 

We are happy to discuss your translation needs in a free consultation call.