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Transcreation & copywriting 


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Adapt your content to more markets

Sometimes, getting your message across calls for more than just an accurate translation. Perhaps the text needs to be rewritten to make sense to a new target group in another country.

We call this type of translation ‘transcreation’ – essentially translation, with more creativity.

With transcreation, the translator takes a more holistic approach to the text, and the overall message is localised to a different market and culture. The translator has more free rein to adapt the content, style and feeling of the text to the local culture, ensuring it has full impact and triggers the right associations on the target market. For the best results, transcreation calls for a closer dialogue between Comactiva and the client.

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Can we use the Sales Manager’s title on the international market? Can we use our new brand name on other markets?

Translation is about so much more than just translating texts word for word. Perhaps you need help finding out whether a product name works well on other markets. Engage your language partner early on in the process, and you’ll avoid costly investment mistakes.



Language checking 

Most companies produce content in-house, which is only logical as that’s where most of the specialist expertise is. It could be presentation material, newsletters, blog posts or some other important communication. Even where your in-house personnel have language skills, it is a good idea to have a language partner check the text and any translations, for peace of mind and to further boost your brand.  


We work with GO MO Group, an agency specialising in SEO & pull marketing.

If you want to ensure your texts contain relevant key words – and much more – we can help you with:



Get help in boosting in-house understanding of how pull marketing and SEO can maximise demand for your products and services. We provide templates and instructions on what to think about when producing content optimised for Google.


Audit of your website

Get access to Comactiva & Friends’ special offer with GO MO: a full audit of your website and requested language versions. The result is a strategic plan that will boost your visibility on Google. For example, you get a report on search volumes, and an activity plan focusing on SEO (technical and on-page). Please contact us for a price quote.


Ongoing SEO processing

Alongside GO MO, you work on the texts you want to be visible on Google. Continuous keyword analysis is conducted to increase your performance. You can also receive suggestions for new topics to write about, based on local search volumes.


Term bases & translation memories

Together, we ensure that you have up-to-date term bases and translation memories, saving you time and money on future translations and local adaptations.

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