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Video subtitling

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Reach more people with good subtitling


Video is a widely used format in marketing, communication and training contexts.

Adding subtitles to a video or clip increases the chances of more people accessing the message. In social media, many people watch film clips without sound – as a sender, there is a risk that the recipient does not get the whole message. Subtitling helps you avoid the problem. 

There are many reasons for companies to spend time on professionally written subtitles for all movies and clips. Subtitles make it easier for your audience to remember important information – subtitling also helps businesses reach more potential customers because:

Google analyses the content of the subtitles and increases the visibility of the videos on YouTube, for example.

Subtitles also increase accessibility for the millions of people suffering from some form of hearing loss. Subtitled films also make it possible to reach out to people who have limited knowledge of the language spoken in the film or clip. That’s why we recommend also adding subtitles for the language being spoken.

Reach more markets with subtitling for businesses

Does your company cater to more countries than Sweden? With subtitling, your company can efficiently reuse materials in multiple markets. Why spend a lot of money on a promotional film and then use it in only one country?

With subtitles in different languages, the material can be quickly and easily rolled out in multiple countries at the same time – giving you more material to use in social media channels and saving you both time and money in the long run.

Why should you get help from Comactiva?

Subtitling is an art that places high demands on the translator – to convey an easy-to-read and comprehensible message in as few words as possible per subtitle, in the shortest possible time.

Comactiva is a premium supplier of culturally and demographically localised translations. We work with companies that have high quality requirements for global translations to offer flexible end-to-end solutions that make it possible to increase both profitability and efficiency.

Five reasons to contact us

1. We are experts in targeting and culturally adapting content for different markets, enabling you as a customer to create the associations and effects on the target market that you want to achieve.


2. We use state-of-the-art language technology and, if necessary, local language experts in relevant markets. 


3. We create a term base and translation memories that save both time and money for future translations.


4. We ensure the quality of all texts before delivery.


5. You always get a dedicated project manager who familiarizes themselves with the industry and target group.

How do we work with subtitling at Comactiva?

We take care of everything


Comactiva creates time-coded subtitles and translates into every required language. If there is a script or any other source material, we use that to speed up the process. We can also offer transcription of video or audio files.

We can burn the subtitles into the video, which means we create new video files with permanent subtitles for each language. 

We know your industry

Knowledge of the industry in question is a prerequisite for high-quality subtitling. We always ensure that the material is matched with a translator who has relevant knowledge of your particular industry.


We subtitle content for:

Medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry

Packaging industry

Financial sector

Transport and logistics sector

The Food Industry

Technical Sector

Forest and paper industry

Architecture and Community Planning

And more

What file formats do we use?

For subtitling we use .srt files, a standard format for subtitles. We can work with most video formats, and can deliver back in the same format if you would like burnt-in subtitles.


Which language combinations are most common? 

For subtitling, Swedish to English and vice versa are most common, but we can deal with most language combinations. 


What’s the turnaround time? 

The turnaround time depends on a range of factors, e.g. the length of the film, the amount of speech in it, whether it needs to be translated, and if so into how many languages and which languages.

We will always give an estimated delivery time once we know what we’re working with. A short video clip for subtitling in two or three languages can often be delivered in 1–3 business days.




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