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Translate your website and create growth across more markets


Translate your website into more languages to reach target groups on more markets. A translated website available in several languages makes you visible to more customers and prospects, who can look for your services and solutions in their local language.

Website translation may sound complicated. You put a lot of time and energy into getting the text on your website just right. But the process doesn’t end there – next, you have to pass on the message to all your other markets as well.

But website translation doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Nowadays, there are efficient processes that make the translation of web content easier.

At Comactiva we help a lot of companies get started with website translation, often in projects involving several languages simultaneously. We translate into all the world’s business languages.


Website translation with quality in focus


If your main website is in Swedish, it’s a good idea to translate the website into English. Depending on which sector you work in, it’s highly likely that people searching for your products and solutions do so in English too.

To ensure that your brand’s language style is consistent in the foreign language translations, we use term bases and translation memories. These are technical solutions which ensure that specific keywords and terms are used. They may be linked to search engine optimisation (SEO), or to terms used specifically for your company’s products and services.


Website translation into Swedish


If your master site is in English and you sell products and services to the Swedish market, it’s a good idea to translate the website into Swedish.

There are over 50 million Google searches in Sweden every day, and there’s a high probability some of them include relevant searches for your products and solutions in Swedish.


What does website translation cost?

The price for translating a website depends on size. How many pages need translating? And do you want to localise your website, which means also translating meta data, tags and links? We help you to export your content and estimate a price accordingly.

We work with several file formats, selecting the one that best suits the processes you work with. Using different plug-ins, the translations can then be imported straight into your CMS.

Together we identify the most cost-effective solution and process for you.

Time is often an important factor when translating a website. Our project managers put a premium on personal service, and on always being available. We always deliver on time and in accordance with your project plan.


Website translation by industry experts


Our translators have experience in a wide range of fields. We always ensure that your texts are matched with the right translator, one who has relevant knowledge of your industry. Using term bases, we ensure that the terms specific to your industry are used in all language versions, from the beginning.

As an agency we translate into several languages simultaneously, whether it’s an entire website or just selected parts. We can part-deliver as we go along if you prefer to publish the new pages manually or progressively, or if some pages are more urgent than others.

We can deal with ongoing website translations for recurring content, such as blog posts, press releases, newsletters and product pages. Read more about our other language services here. 

Contact us for a quote to translate your website into further languages. 



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We are of course happy to help you export your website content.


Frequently asked questions about website translations

Let us help you!

Save time and ask us to export your website content prior to translation. 

We export to the appropriate format for translation, and deliver back in the same format. We work with various formats to match your wishes and processes.