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Professional translation agency

Many companies turn to a professional translation company for help with communication and marketing on their local markets.

The translation agency helps to localise content, websites, apps and so on. Many translation agencies can also coordinate proofreading and delivery to the countries where the content will be used. 

Comactiva is a translation agency that focuses on quality in delivery, a high level of service, regular feedback and personal contact. We have come to specialise in translations into all the world’s business languages. We always deliver accurate, linguistically fluent translations. 

So that you can rest assured your translation is of the highest quality, we have a network of the industry’s most talented professional translators. We only use translators who translate into their mother tongue.

Professional translation agency for businesses

There are many translation companies to choose from. When making this choice, it is important to choose an LSP that is familiar with your industry.

There are also different types of translation company focusing on everything from interpretation and moving pictures with subtitling, to global businesses with an interest in growth.

Comactiva Language Partner is a professional translation agency in Gothenburg. With a network of professional translators worldwide, we translate for global companies with the goal of creating business value on their local markets.

Come to us – a translation agency for businesses – and you can be sure the job will be done by a translator with knowledge and experience of your particular industry.

At Comactiva, our policy is that all translators in our network are native speakers and work in the country where the target language is spoken. This means that the translations are always adapted according to culture, the political situation and local trends. Consequently, you reach your target group in a credible way that benefits your business.


Comactivas language services

Translation agency – a valuable partner

In order to create long-term value and reduce the costs of translations and localisation services, it may be a good idea to work with the same translation agency for your larger projects.

At Comactiva, we always work with translation memories and term bases, which means that year on year, you reduce costs compared to using a different translation company on each market.

This is because all your translations are saved in a translation memory and flagged when, say, a text, paragraph, boilerplate or product description needs translating again.

So rather than having to be re-translated, a previously approved translation can be used again, thus reducing the cost of the translation project.

A term base ensures that your company-specific words and descriptions are used consistently throughout the translation project. A term database can also be used as part of your SEO strategy.

So overall, working closely with a single translation agency reduces costs and ensures the quality of all deliveries.

In addition to translations, a language service provider like Comactiva can also help with file management, SEO translations, language consultation and layout.

Let us be your translation agency


We create value through:
  • Ensuring continuity in your communication in all languages
  • Efficient, quality-assured translation processes
  • Our long-standing collaborations with professional translators all over the world
  • Pre-agreed price lists for each language combination


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Sustainable translation for Hexatronic

Environment and sustainability are dealt with differently in different parts of the world. For global players, it can be a challenge to communicate their sustainability efforts in a way that speaks to different markets, but help is at hand.




 “Comactiva always deliver on time, and my contact Anna is always quick to answer any questions we may have.”


Susann Dutt | Sustainability Consultant, Hexatronic


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