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Sustainable translations for Hexatronic


Environment and sustainability are dealt with differently in different parts of the world. For global players, it can be a challenge to communicate their sustainability efforts in a way that speaks to different markets, but help is at hand!

“Our language services are a bridge to new markets for our clients, “ says Thomas Rösch, Founding Partner and CCO at Comactiva. “We make sure the texts are translated and adapted to different local conditions and cultures. When it comes to recycling, for example, we do things very differently in Sweden to many other countries. We make sure that the translated text speaks to the readers in their language – both literally and figuratively.”


Comactiva always deliver on time, and my contact Anna is always quick to answer any questions we may have.

Susann Dutt | Sustainability Consultant, Hexatronic

Market familiarity

Hexatronic Group is a Swedish company operating in fibre communication, based in Gothenburg. Most of its customers are in Scandinavia, but the group also owns companies worldwide. Like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Hexatronic’s sustainability work stands on three pillars: economic, environmental and social responsibility.

The company has prepared various steering documents related to sustainability, such as a sustainability policy, a code of conduct for suppliers, an internal code of conduct, and a diversity and gender equality policy.

Comactiva, a language services supplier to Hexatronic since 2016, has translated many of these documents for different markets – and Susann Dutt, external Sustainability Consultant for Hexatronic, is very positive about the working relationship.

Something that can be an issue when providing translations in this field is that different countries are at vastly different stages in their sustainability development. When communicating a message, it is easy to assume that the reader has the same prior knowledge as the writer, but this is not necessarily so on a new market or in a new target group. It is important that the translator adapts the message to reflect the reader’s situation.

Quality assurance for the future

Anna Bjureblad, Production Manager at Comactiva, always uses the same translators for Hexatronic jobs. That way, the client can rest assured that the foreign-language texts are being written by someone who knows their corporate language and terminology, lives and works in the country where the target language is spoken, and is familiar with local conditions, rules and regulations.

Quality-assured, culturally adapted texts relating to the environment and sustainability mean peace of mind for the client, and ensure that the company’s suppliers can fully understand and comply with its values and working methods. Quite simply, it’s an important competitive factor and a good investment for the future.

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