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Industry Knowledge


The importance of having knowledge within the industries you translate or proofread for is significant. To avoid errors and misunderstandings, it is crucial to understand industry-specific terms and the type of language service needed to effectively reach your target audience.


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Language experts with industry experience

We have experience in various specialized fields and industries. We always ensure that translation projects are matched with the right language expert with relevant industry knowledge.

Examples of industries where we have significant industry experience include: Fashion & Beauty, Furniture Industry, Research & Development, Technology Sector, Manufacturing Industry, Forestry Industry, Retail, Food Industry, Automotive Industry, E-commerce, Health & Patient Communication, Entertainment & Culture, and SaaS."

Choose the translation service that suits your needs



AI Translation


Recommended for internal communication & bulk translations to save time. 

Utilise existing translation memories and term databases to ensure consistency.

We offer additional services such as post-editing and quality assurance.

We offer additional services such as post-editing and quality assurance.



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Localised Translation


Recommended for continuous business & marketing communications such as websites, blogs, press releases, reports, campaigns, product pages and much more.

Establish a cost-effective translation process using human expertise combined with modern language technology. 

Project management and quality assurance are part of the work process.


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Complex Translation


For complex material and content that requires specialist language and localisation skills. 

Utilise our language experts early in the process and ensure quality through human expertise and hands-on involvement throughout the translation process. 

Project management and proofreading by a professional linguist are part of the work process.


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Common types of material we translate

Technology and pharmaceuticals


Comactiva has long experience of various fields of Life Science including technology, medicine, biology and biotechnology, as well as good knowledge of the sector’s specific requirements when it comes to language services. We translate patient information, product leaflets, care guides, white papers, training material, press releases, manuals, clinical trial studies, regulatory documents and safety data sheets. For this kind of job, we have carefully selected translators with extensive experience in their fields of translation. 




Packaging today is almost as important as the product it contains, and there is high demand for translations in the packaging industry. 

Comactiva can help you with translations of everything from texts on bottles, cans, pallets and containers, to descriptions of the techniques behind making special paperboard materials for exclusive fragrances and confectionery. 


Transport and logistics


Goods are transported by road, rail, air and sea round the clock, 365 days a year, and translations are needed for documentation on markets around the world. Forwarding companies deal with logistics issues that have to be communicated internationally. Trade, customs issues, goods declarations and demand specifications all need translating and updating. Comactiva can help with all these areas and more. 


Finance and the markets


Annual reports, interim reports, share prospectuses, press releases and financial statements all require translators with a specific kind of expertise. Our translators are familiar with the field and up to date on the latest regulations and terminology. Correct terminology is crucial, and we always stay in close contact with you to ensure the best possible translation. We help you to book translators early on and ensure a quick, smooth delivery when the time comes. 


Technical and engineering


Translating technical texts calls for familiarity with the terminology you prefer to use. To achieve good long-term results, our project managers are happy to get in touch with your technical staff and engineers to discuss how target groups, business partners and agents express themselves. Based on this, we build up term bases for each language. On this stable foundation, Comactiva translates user manuals, product catalogues, brochures and instruction books. 


Forest, pulp and paper


Forest, pulp and paper are staples of the Swedish economy. With almost 90 per cent of pulp and paper production going to export, Sweden is the world’s second largest exporter of these kinds of products. This naturally entails a great need for translations, and over the years Comactiva has amassed a lot of experience in this sector. 


Architecture and community planning


Many community planning projects start off with competitions, the proposals being carefully presented in text and images. Comactiva has translated competition entries for several international development projects, and also translates white papers, building descriptions, drawings, prospectuses, and texts about community planning and interior design. 

Sales and marketing material


If you’re a global player, having your material translated and adapted to your various markets is a distinct competitive advantage. Thanks to our global network of translators, we help you ensure the foreign language versions carry the same message and weight as the original. We translate texts for websites, brochures, prospectuses, presentations, catalogues and much more. 




A multi-language website simplifies communication at every level, broadens your markets and generates more business.. 

Translating and maintaining a website is a long-term investment. You can save a lot of time and money by having – already from the beginning – a well-considered structure for which content needs to be translated and in what formats. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you make your website a window to the outside world. 


Staff and customer magazines


Staff and customer magazines contain editorial texts that highlight products and services in order to strengthen your brand. In large multinational organisations in particular, it’s important that these texts are translated with the right feel for the intended readers. The high journalistic level should be reflected also in the translated versions, with a freer, more open type of adapted translation. Over the years, magazines and newsletters have become one of Comactiva’s main strengths. 




Companies are increasingly seeking talent from abroad, so a lot of the information in the home language now has to be translated. The need to translate training material, reports and eGuides is increasing dramatically, and Comactiva has built up a lot of expertise in these areas in recent years. 


Environment and sustainability


There is no longer any denying that modern civilisation is accelerating global warming, and most companies today have an environmental policy that applies throughout their organisation. Comactiva can translate these policies for your local markets, and can also take on sustainability reports, environmental data sheets and other documents relating to the environment and sustainability. 


Food and beverages


Food is a huge import and export commodity, and new translations are constantly needed, whether it be product information, packaging texts or ingredients. Or indeed texts used for promotion purposes, such as recipes and cookbooks. Comactiva has translated a vast array of material linked to the food and beverage industry over the years. You might say it’s our bread and butter, and we’re ready to get our teeth into your next translation job.