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Translations for the food industry require local understanding


Translating materials and content for the food industry requires industry knowledge and that the translator has an interest in the different subject areas. 

A skilful balance between creativity and precision is required, the material can vary widely, from campaign materials to table of contents and recipes.


Professional translations for the food industry


Comactiva has a long track record of translating for the food industry. Our network consists of translators with broad knowledge in the field, as well as an understanding of both languages and local food culture.

All our translators live in the country where the language in question is spoken, and translate only into their native language.

In order for texts to be consistent and to control translation costs, we use tools such as translation memories and term databases where customer-specific information is stored to facilitate upcoming assignments.

Kök med kokbock

The challenges of translating for the food industry


Translation of table of contents is particularly challenging because all important information must be included within a limited space and a mistake in translation can have serious consequences.  

Translations of product texts and recipes also place high demands on the translator. The translator must know how products and equipment are used in the specific market and be able to adapt the recipes to local ingredients and cooking methods. 

Translation project for the food industry


Table of contents

Campaign material


Product Texts

Recipes and cookbooks

Translation project for the food industry


Table of contents

Campaign material


Product Texts

Recipes and cookbooks

How the quality assured translation process goes works

1. You will send us material with clear specification on target group, company tonality, timetable and possibly other requests.  


2. We analyse the material and look for possible matches in translation memories and term databases and determine the volume and based on that send a price estimate. 


3. We match your requirement position with translators who have the right industry experience and expertise.

4. Since we have high quality requirements, we always offer extra proofing. We use both modern language technology and human proofreaders. 


5. If you need relief, our project managers can coordinate the collection of feedback from your local markets. 


6. Your dedicated project manager delivers a quality-assured translation project to you and your department.


Translations are always delivered in the same format as the original files.