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Quality assurance of source text


Identify and correct any errors in source text and ensure that the cultural and contextual nuances of the language are taken into account.

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A good source text makes for good translations

To ensure the quality of a source text, the text on which the translations are based, we use human expertise in combination with modern language technology, such as translation memories and term databases. 

Human Expertise


A global network of language experts creates relevant communication


Over almost 30 years as language experts and providers of high-quality translations, we have built up a network of linguists, translators and experts around the world. Our network consists of more than 200 language experts working in different cultures and industries. They translate and localise into more than 150 business languages across a wide range of industries and niches.

The experts in our network are used to reviewing and optimising material for translation. In a modern world, this can mean optimizing AI-generated text that you then want to localise to multiple markets.

Our senior project managers can assist in setting up cost-effective processes for both optimisation of source material and AI translations that are quality assured by relevant language experts in our global network.  

Ett globalt nätverk av språkexperter skapar relevant kommunikation | Comactiva

Språkgranskning & Efterredigering | Comactiva

Review and Correct Text 

Language review and Post-editing


Language review and post-editing are always done by experienced language experts. We have a large network of language experts all over the world who always translate and proofread in their native language.

They always reside in the country where the language is spoken, which means that they are culturally up-to-date and adapt the text to the latest language trends.

Language experts with industry experience

We have experience in various specialized fields and industries. We always ensure that quality assurance projects are matched with the right language expert with relevant industry knowledge.

Examples of industries where we have significant industry experience include: Fashion & Beauty, Furniture Industry, Research & Development, Technology Sector, Manufacturing Industry, Forestry Industry, Retail, Food Industry, Automotive Industry, E-commerce, Health & Patient Communication, Culture & Entertainment and SaaS.

Linda Muller | Branschkunskap | Modersmål | Comactiva


Industry knowledge creates security


For each project, the language experts are carefully selected for their experience and specialist knowledge in specific areas.

This combination of industry-specific knowledge and linguistic skill allows us to deliver texts that are not only linguistically accurate, but also accurately reflect the terminology, jargon and context of the industry.


Native speakers


All our language experts live and work in the country whose language they quality assure.

They are always native speakers of that language, ensuring that the source text is not only grammatically correct, but also captures nuances and cultural contexts that are crucial for credible and vibrant communication.

Assistance all the way

Senior project management


If you lack the resources internally to lead and drive the work with language, translations and localisation, we offer senior project management. 

You get a language expert who is responsible for all your communication and who ensures efficient processes and quality.

Anna Bjureblad | Senior

Kvalitetssäkring av AI-genererat innehåll | Comactiva

Quality assurance of AI-generated content


We ensure the quality of AI-generated content and translations. 

If you produce large amounts of text using, for example, ChatGPT, we as a language partner can help with quality assurance of the content. 

We offer secure language technology that ensures linguistic consistency, company-specific tonality and creates long-term value.


Automate the quality assurance process


Integrate your platforms with our quality assurance processes and tools. Create a seamless experience that saves time. 


Automatisera processen för kvalitetssäkring | Comactiva


What do the customers think?

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"We have a longstanding collaboration with Comactiva. Their high level of professionalism and proactivity are of great assistance in our naming projects. They have an understanding of the precision required to successfully develop a name and always deliver on time."


Johanna Kan
Business Director

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"Working in a global market with customized regional needs are always hard to balance. We have been working with Comactiva for almost four  years now and their speed, quality and flexibility have been a huge support and simplified the production process for both our marketing and technical product material "​ 


Madeleine Sestan Bach
Global Marketing Manager






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“Incredibly service-minded, thorough, and fast. ​The collaboration with you has truly added value beyond professional translations!”​ 


My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communicator






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