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Effective language
and translation solutions


Cost-effective translation processes with a focus on quality. We offer quality translation, quality-assurance, cultural & audience adaptation and much more.

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Secure and reliable translation services with a focus on quality


Choose service based on your needs

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AI Translation


An efficient solution where advanced AI technology does the heavy lifting! 

We offer additional services such as validation, proofreading, post-editing, project management and consulting.


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Localised Translation


We work in technology-oriented solutions where human expertise plays an important role in local adaptation.

Project management and quality assurance are part of the workflow.


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Complex Translation


The traditional translation process, with human linguistic expertise, industry knowledge, and a nuanced touch.

Our linguists operate in the country where the translations will be communicated.


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Quality assurance of AI-Generated Content


We quality assure AI-generated content and translations.

If you generate large volumes of text using tools like ChatGPT, we, as a language partner, can assist in quality assuring the content.

We offer reliable language technology that ensures linguistic consistency, corporate-specific tone, and creates long-term value.

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Let us take responsibility in your global team


Many companies do not have the space to hire a localisation specialist or project manager to take continuous responsibility for translation projects.

We offer a service where we take full responsibility for localisation.

Comactiva owns the process, makes sure the job gets done and takes responsibility for security, language technology and quality.

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On Demand portal


A customised ordering portal where you have direct access to translation services relevant to your needs.

Skip the quotation process for quality translations by uploading the material to be translated and receive a price estimate immediately based on the language combination and type of language service.

When the translation project is ready to start, trigger the automated process where both humans and machines work in harmony.

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Automated translation processes


Integrate our processes with your platforms and systems for a seamless experience.


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Language Services


We offer language services tailored to the different needs of your company. Our dedicated project managers will always recommend the most suitable service and tailor it to your specific needs, requirements and ambitions.


A language partner that understands your industry


Always with the customer's best interest in mind


Read more about some of the projects we have delivered to our clients.

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