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Localization that accelerates Global Growth


Since 1996, we've been helping global companies create cohesive and effective communication across the world. Our experience and technical expertise help us build processes for all language needs.  

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Trusted by global companies around the world

Global success through effective translation and localization

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Our Services


Our focus is to provide efficient workflows and quality-assured communication across borders.




Quality-assured translation and localization


High-quality translation and localization to enable effective communication on global markets.

Secure AI streamlines the process and reduces costs, while language experts ensure quality and cultural adaptation where needed.

The value lies in the accuracy and relevance of the translations, increasing the trust of your brands internationally.

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Automated workflows


Establish cost-effective processes with modern language technology and increase your organization's productivity. 

With extensive knowledge in multiple language areas, we ensure that all communication is accurate, culturally relevant and adapted to the intended audience.

Continuous monitoring and analysis of workflows to ensure optimal performance and make adjustments. Focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.

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Localization platform


Curation of company-specific AI Large Language Model (LLM), quality-assured content and translations by language experts, supported by secure AI technology.

Book a meeting with one of our language experts to find out more.

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Experts on all types of communication


We build cost-effective translation processes regardless of the communication channel and purpose.


Translate documents carefully using industry-specific terminology.


Adapt the website for global audiences with cultural relevance.

Marketing Material

Engage the target audience with culturally appropriate marketing material.


Reports are localized with a focus on accuracy and term consistency.


Contracts require precision and understanding of local terms.

Product Material

Describe products in detail and with cultural adaptation.


Translate subtitles accurately with cultural references.

Printing material

Carefully adapt print material for global markets.

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Language experts on your markets

The strength of a global network.


More than 200 carefully selected language experts operating around the world, providing quality assurance and localization in all the world's business languages. We have over 25 years of experience in 50+ industries and sectors.

We understand your industry

We have a network of local linguists that are experts on different industries.


Keeping the terminology distinct and using it correctly is crucial for the credibility of the company.


Adapting the content to both the target audience and the market is directly essential for an e-commerce business looking to boost its sales.


To translate for SaaS companies, it's essential to keep up with an ever-evolving industry.

Food Industry

Translating materials and content for the food industry requires industry expertise.

Automotive Industry

Translations within the automotive industry encompass everything from websites to manuals and quarterly reports.

Technology Sector

Translate technical manuals, product descriptions, marketing texts, and other content with precision.

Research & Development

Texts within research and development are rich in both details and unique terminology.

Fashion & Beauty

Translate and localize accurate content for the fashion and beauty industry.

Automate with language tech

Save time on localization with the help of language tech.

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On Demand portal


A customised ordering portal where you have direct access to translation services relevant to your needs.

Skip the quotation process for quality translations by uploading the material to be translated and receive a price estimate immediately based on the language combination and type of language service.

When the translation project is ready to start, trigger the automated process where both humans and machines work in harmony.

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Automated Workflows


Build automated workflows using integrations and AI technology to localize your content into multiple languages simultaneously. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent, high-quality communication across all markets.

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What do the customers say?

We value long-term relationships, transparency, high quality and personalized service.
Stora enso | Logo
We are very pleased with the high level of quality and service! You are a very reliable and appreciated supplier!
Sara Kvarfordh
Communication Manager
Hultafors Group | Logo
Very happy with the quality and great service! We have been told by our market coordinators that the validation tool is easy to use!
Rebecca Swahn
Marketing Production Leader
Dole | Logo
I had a great experience with Comactiva and am very happy with the quality of the delivery!
Dragana Abrasevic
Nordic HR Manager
Holmen Iggesund | Logo
Always great service, good treatment and fast deliveries. I am very satisfied!
Rebecka Almeflo Sjölund
Technical Product Information Manager
Blåkläder | Logo
Great service from Comactiva and very happy with the quality of the translations!
Hanna Tingsvik
Sustainabilty Coordinator
Incredibly service-minded, accurate and fast. Working with you has really added value beyond professional translations!
My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communication

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