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Fast translation for urgent needs

Occasionally, time is of the essence. Perhaps there’s a trade fair opening tomorrow, a catalogue that has to get to the printers, or an important press release that has to go out immediately. 

At Comactiva, we offer express delivery of translations, without compromising on quality. We have long experience of translating content that needs to reach the market or your communication channels quickly. We have positioned ourselves as a language partner with great flexibility and a high level of service.

When time is of the essence, we and our translators usually have to set other work aside to prioritise your project. For this reason, we charge an express premium. The express percentage depends on the wordcount and delivery time, but generally speaking a shortish text (up to about two pages of A4) that need delivering within one business day will always carry an express premium.

We always do our best to deliver in line with your wishes and requirements. However, we will have to politely decline if we’re unable to find a suitable translator that can deliver in time, or if we think the tight deadline will have a negative impact on quality. 

Our primary goal is always to deliver translations of high quality – the fact that we also do so faster than most is an added bonus!

Plain texts for express translation

We offer express translation regardless of the type of text. Some examples of texts:


Fast translation of legal documents

Legal documents that require a quick translation should still be of the highest quality.  We can translate financial documents, medical or technical manuals and all types of legal documents with express delivery while translating the texts to the letter without any change in content. The person translating this document has knowledge in the field as well as experience in translating similar texts.


Commercial instant translations

We can handle commercial translations that require fast translation. How a brand is perceived is essential in commercial communication, and our translations always meet the brand's image. Whether it's a campaign, an urgent press release or a product offer, we can offer express translation that is of the same high quality as always.


Express translation of subtitles for videos

If you need to quickly publish a video, we can handle a quick translation of the subtitles so that you can reach a larger audience. While you can get your message in front of more people, professional subtitling also helps the recipient remember the message better.

Fast, high-quality translation

Whatever the reason you need a quick translation, we're here for you. With the greatest focus on high quality, we will achieve 100% customer satisfaction regardless of the time period of the project. Learn more about our language services and let us be your natural choice for high-quality translations and flexible end-to-end solutions.

What do the customers think?

Namnlös design (72)

"We have a longstanding collaboration with Comactiva. Their high level of professionalism and proactivity are of great assistance in our naming projects. They have an understanding of the precision required to successfully develop a name and always deliver on time."


Johanna Kan
Business Director

Essen International | Logo





Namnlös design (72)

"Working in a global market with customized regional needs are always hard to balance. We have been working with Comactiva for almost four  years now and their speed, quality and flexibility have been a huge support and simplified the production process for both our marketing and technical product material "​ 


Madeleine Sestan Bach
Global Marketing Manager






Namnlös design (72)

“Incredibly service-minded, thorough, and fast. ​The collaboration with you has truly added value beyond professional translations!”​ 


My Nilsson Bark
Marketing Communicator






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