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Comactiva enhances offering to companies seeking growth on new markets

Companies looking to expand and grow in new markets turn to Comactiva Language Partner. Selling a product or service in the local language, backed by search engine optimisation, is crucial to ensure rapid business development. Comactiva has gone from being a translation agency to a business partner, and a contributor to its clients’ growth in different markets.

Swedish corporations with subsidiaries in foreign markets are the main clients who turn to Comactiva. The latest report from the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (2020) showed that the number of Swedish corporations with subsidiaries abroad increased from 3,103 in 2018 to 3,813 in 2019 – a trend that is continuing, according to Gabriella Rudström, COO at Comactiva.

The Growth Analysis report shows the strongest growth in Finland and Denmark, with 193 and 172 new companies respectively. This tendency is clearly noticeable at Comactiva, where the Nordic languages account for much of the agency’s business.

“To a Swede, Finnish is a very complicated language. Finnish is also one of the more difficult and more expensive languages to translate into, the reasons being access to professional translators and the complexity of the language,” says Gabriella.

SEO translations boost growth

Comactiva is receiving more and more queries regarding search engine optimised translations, a clear signal that more companies are now selling and marketing via digital channels. SEO strategy has become an integral part of the marketing budget.

“Languages are our core expertise, and we have the technology to ensure harmonised communication on many markets, and to support companies’ local SEO strategies. We are seeing huge development in SEO translations, which is only natural. Businesses need to optimise their texts in all languages if they want to fully succeed in their strategies.

If a client has conducted an SEO analysis, it’s a good idea to share it with us as a language partner and translation agency, to make sure the company is visible on Google also on the markets where it wants to grow,” Gabriella Rudström concludes.

Comactiva is working hard to boost its offering for expanding companies, and various new services will be launched during the spring.