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Powerful-translation-tools | Hammer I Comactiva Language Partner

3 min read

Powerful translation tools strengthen the brand

Machine translation, translation or ‘CAT’ tools, term bases and translation memories are technical aids that make the translation process cost...

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Anna Bjureblad production manager Comactiva

1 min read

Making it easier to buy modern language services

Comactiva Language Partner has been in business for 25 years and can boast a raft of loyal clients who regard language as a vital factor in achieving...

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1 min read

Comactiva enhances offering to companies seeking growth on new markets

Companies looking to expand and grow in new markets turn to Comactiva Language Partner. Selling a product or service in the local language, backed by...

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When choosing a language partner, delivery time is often a key feature I Comactiva Language Partner

2 min read

When it comes to translations, time is  money

Time is a precious commodity at marketing and communication departments. However carefully we plan and set deadlines, time just seems to run away...

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