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Making it easier to buy modern language services

Making it easier to buy modern language services

Comactiva Language Partner has been in business for 25 years and can boast a raft of loyal clients who regard language as a vital factor in achieving their growth targets in several markets. Over the years, Comactiva has helped global companies to achieve success with their localisation. And now, it is even easier to buy modern language services on a newly updated website.

“We can see a huge need to clarify the value of language services. A lot has happened in 25 years. We mainly used to provide straightforward translation services for printed media, whereas nowadays it’s more about adapting content that has a direct impact on the brand and the business.

Things happen far more quickly today, and there are more distribution channels,” says Linda Gårdlöv, CEO of Comactiva Language Partner.


Linda Gårdlöv CEO Comactiva webb
Linda Gårdlöv CEO Comactiva Language Partner

Multilingual content in more channels

It has become easier to disseminate content, and the channels for doing so have become digital. This places new demands on marketing and communication departments, and feedback has to be managed on a daily basis. Campaigns and communication efforts are measured for value, and getting local language versions right from the start saves both time and money.

”We work in an industry where translations have always been charged by the word, and different languages have different price tags. They vary according to the cost of living and economic status of the translators’ home countries.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that a translator is an invaluable local resource, someone who is intimately familiar with the cultural, political and historical values of the target market.

This is a tremendous advantage if you’re looking to grow your business. Combine this with the feedback that’s possible by working digitally, and you have every opportunity to reach your target groups and grow as a business,” says Linda Gårdlöv.


Comactiva makes it easier to buy language services

During the spring, Comactiva has been working with Brave Agency to launch a new website that makes it easier for clients to understand how translation and language services are priced.

“We will be continually creating content that educates our clients about the opportunities that come from working with a language partner that has translators around the world.

By working with Brave Agency, as a company we ensure that we stay at the forefront as regards our own digital channel strategy, which in turn is a great benefit to our clients. Dealing with languages is about so much more than just translations,” Linda Gårdlöv concludes.


Comactiva Language Partner new website