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AI-powered Translation for Agency Businesses

AI-powered Translation for Agency Businesses

Translating brand-building communication for clients can be a challenge for many communication agencies. Today, there are many options on the market. We take a look at what agencies should consider and what options are available that we recommend when you are responsible for a client's communication. 


Security is crucial when using artificial intelligence (AI). It is important to ask yourself whether the AI systems you use are properly protected against cyber threats and data breaches. This includes implementing reliable security protocols and continuously monitoring the system to detect potential vulnerabilities.


How can you Handle Sensitive Data?

AI systems often handle large amounts of data, including sensitive information. It is crucial to have a plan to protect this data. This may involve encryption, anonymization, and strict access control to ensure that only authorized people have access to sensitive information.


Who is Responsible for the Outcome?

The question of accountability is central when it comes to AI. It is important to clearly define who is responsible for the decisions and results generated by the AI system. This includes having a responsible person or team to monitor the AI's performance and deal with any issues that may occur.


Do you have a Unified Process?

To ensure efficiency and compliance, it is important to have a consistent process for how AI is used within the company. This means having standardized workflows, clear guidelines, and a common understanding of how to integrate AI into the business.


How do you Ensure Measurable Long-Term Values?

To truly benefit from AI, it is important to be able to measure its impact over the long term. This means setting clear goals and metrics to evaluate AI's performance and its contribution to the company's overall strategy. Regular evaluations and adjustments based on these metrics are crucial to ensure that AI continues to deliver over time.



What are the Alternatives to Open AI Platforms?


End-to-End control with AI technology developed for translation | Comactiva


End-to-End Control with AI Technology Developed for Translation

A secure, feature-packed platform for all your translation needs.
Comactiva's Translation Management System (TMS) offers several AI features such as AI translation, automated quality assurance and fine-tuning.


Other valuable TMS features for efficient translation

  • Integrations with your systems (CMS, PIM etc.)
  • Automated workflows
  • Customer-specific translation memories and glossaries



Secure AI translation with Comactiva Language Technology | Comactiva


Secure AI translation with Comactiva Language Technology

Choose AI translation with or without linguistic quality control and adapt the process to your needs.

Unlike public OpenAI systems, AI translations take place in a secure platform with company-specific translation memories and glossaries to increase quality and create long-term value for you.



Direct Access to Secure AI Translation | Comactiva


Direct Access to Secure AI Translation

AI technology developed for the language industry offers:

  • Safe and secure environment
  • Instant translations
  • Saving time and controlling costs
  • Fine-tuning to the client's tone of voice and terminology


With the Right Tools and Strategy you can Deliver Real Business Value to Your Customers


By implementing AI strategically, you can now increase speed-to-market by streamlining processes and enabling projects to be delivered faster. It also contributes to cost and time efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up resources for more value-adding work.


Ensure high quality through continuous curation of language data and with human-in-the-loop. With AI to support you, it's easy to scale up your operations without proportional cost increases and prepare for the challenges of the future, ensuring long-term competitiveness.



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