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Comactiva Language Partner hires Growth Specialist

Comactiva Language Partner hires Growth Specialist

With a focus on transforming translation needs into business opportunities for its clients, Comactiva Language Partner has hired Simon Giulja Ahl as a Growth Specialist.


In recent years, the translation industry has undergone a dramatic change. Translation projects have evolved into an opportunity for businesses to localize and reach audiences in multiple local markets. While words remain important, the actual business value is created through cost-effective processes.

Companies want to see translation and localization processes that not only reduce lead times and costs but also contribute to growth and an increased global reach.


Digital Marketer Becoming Localization Expert


New approaches require new skills. Simon Giulja Ahl is trained in digital marketing and has spent the past year exploring the language industry.


"I am schooled in digital marketing and know exactly how to build digital channel strategies and customer journeys. Still, I had no idea about the opportunities available when a company chooses to work strategically with its localization processes.

What company wouldn't want to reach more of their target audience across multiple markets simultaneously?"

Simon Giulja Ahl, Growth Specialist


Changes in the Translation Industry


At Comactiva, we aim to make it easy for our clients to reach multiple markets simultaneously. Tailoring content to culture and target audience enhances brand impact and contributes to increased sales.


"By customizing processes to meet the specific needs of each company and combining specialist expertise with modern technology, we increase efficiency, raise quality, and can offer cost-effective solutions to our clients"

Linda Gårdlöv, CEO Comactiva Language Partner


Future Opportunities with Localization


Localization is the key to success for companies aiming to reach an international audience. By adapting content to local markets, businesses can enhance their competitiveness and appeal to more customers.

Localization involves understanding the cultural nuances and preferences in different regions and using that knowledge to create relevant and engaging content.


"By hiring the right expertise and developing innovative localization solutions together with our clients, we will be able to help even more companies expand into new markets."

Linda Gårdlöv


"The future of the industry looks exciting, with many opportunities. I look forward to being part of Comactiva and driving positive change together with clients."

- Simon Giulja Ahl


For more information, please contact:

Linda Gårdlöv
CEO Comactiva Language Partner AB 
Mobile: 0709373599


Comactiva Language Partner is a leading player in language services and localization. The company is dedicated to helping businesses communicate effectively with their global audience by providing high-quality translation and localization services.

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