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Navigating as a Global Marketer in the era of AI | Webinar

Navigating as a Global Marketer in the era of AI | Webinar

Marketing | Localization | Translation


This webinar aims to provide you with valuable insights to navigate and gain a comprehensive understanding of your choices within the dynamic realm of marketing and localization in today's ever-evolving landscape. 


The emergence of new AI technology has sparked numerous inquiries within  
global marketing departments. 

  • How will AI impact our current marketing strategies and campaigns? 
  • Can AI enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing efforts? 
  • Is AI poised to replace specific tasks or roles within our marketing team? 
  • What skills and knowledge must we acquire to remain relevant in an AI-driven marketing landscape? 
  • How will AI affect our ability to measure ROI and track campaign success? 
  • Similar questions also arise concerning reaching target audiences across various markets 

Do we require a translation & localisation partner in the era of AI? 

  • Is it possible to automate the translation process? 
  • Can we reduce translation costs through AI? 
  • What are the associated risks with AI in this context? 
  • What are the hidden opportunities with AI-translations? Dos and don'ts.


Join our webinar to gain insights from a marketer's perspective. We'll help you assess the pros and cons of available options and guide you in establishing a translation process that's not only cost-effective and efficient but also tailored to your business needs. 


Gabriella Rudström Rund Bild 

Gabriella Rudström

COO at Comactiva Language Partner

Translation and Localization expert


Martin Modigh Kalrsson | Round


Martin Modigh Karlsson

CEO at We Are Bridget

Digital marketing expert



NOVEMBER 21 @ 11:30 CET.