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When it comes to translations, time is  money

When it comes to translations, time is money

Time is a precious commodity at marketing and communication departments. However carefully we plan and set deadlines, time just seems to run away with us. If you work in marketing and advertising, experiencing delays and having new needs arise suddenly is simply business as usual. This is why when choosing a language partner, delivery time is often a key feature.

So are there any secrets to saving time when it comes to translation? The answer is surprisingly simple: You save time by not being in too much of a hurry. Advance notice + clarity + communication = time saving. Here are some tips on applying this formula, linked to some of the more common demands regarding delivery time.


Demand – Express translations:

”My translation agency and language partner must be able to deliver urgent translations within a couple of days.”


How to save time:

Communication is everything when it comes to saving time in the translation process. Contact your translation agency early on in the project to make sure we can book a translator with the right niche knowledge at the right time. If there are any delays or changes during the process, notify us immediately, so the project manager and translator are kept in the loop.

Demand – Time-critical content for simultaneous distribution in several markets:

”It’s extremely important that all language versions are complete and in the right format at the time and date our campaign is being launched.”


How to save time:

Many companies put their local branches in charge of translation, making it hard and time-consuming to coordinate all the various languages in time for campaign launch.

Sometimes, the schedule falls apart, and a local co-worker who is not a translator has to do the translation. This could lead to the campaign being inconsistent between markets, and the worst case is that it doesn’t at all match the company’s desired tone of voice and brand profile.

These problems can be avoided if you use a translation agency and language partner to help you coordinate the content and deal with communication with all the local markets. This way, there is no risk of anything being missed, the time frame is the same for all languages, and full focus can be given to ensuring a positive campaign result in all markets.

Demand – Continuous changes:

”There must be scope for us to alter and supplement our material once the translations have begun.”

How to save time:

A translation is a tailor-made product that is made to order, and each language involves a translator and a proofreader. The more languages involved, the more time it takes to communicate changes, and the longer the overall process takes. Therefore, make sure the source text you send really is the finalised version as far as possible. Ultimately, you will save time if everyone in your organisation has their say about your text – before it is sent off for translation.


Demand – Changes after delivery:

”We will check the translations internally after delivery, and want to have any alterations approved as quickly as possible.”

How to save time:

Specify in your order that we need to allow for this process so that everyone involved is aware of the parameters. Contact your project manager as soon as the need for language services arises, and they will help you put together a suitable schedule and make sure all your requirements are clear from the start. It doesn’t cost anything to ask for advice – in fact, it can be costly not to!


Demand – File management:

”We have an urgent translation request and I’m sending a PDF file. You can cut out the highlighted text for translation.”

How to save time:

Depending on the type of translation, we need to work in different formats. Generally speaking, editable source files are best. Extracting text from, say, a PDF or a website is time and resource consuming and will entail higher costs. Feel free to ask your project manager for advice – we may know a quicker, simpler solution.



The time you spend planning, communicating, and clarifying your expectations is time well spent and will pay for itself – both in terms of the time and the money you save.